KristinsTravels used to be a personal blog that I used to keep my family and friends up to date when I was traveling or living as an expat in Australia. I wrote on it during some big highs and lows in my life and I couldn't bear to get rid of it, so I've decided to keep these entries in journal format.

On future extended trips, I plan on using this space to write quick journal entries as I go for those times that I don't have time to write a full blog post. Plus, this means that I'll be able to keep my parents up to date so they know I haven't gone missing or done something else daft!

This is the story of my three months tramping around the South Island of New Zealand. I spent nearly three weeks walking in the backcountry and fell even more in love with the country in the process. When I wasn't walking, I was giving my parents heart attacks by being reported missing to the New Zealand police or by jumping off of cliffs with a parachute attached to my back!
I was lucky enough to get a job in Perth through my company in the US, so after going through a long visa application process, I moved to Western Australia for my first experience as an expat. It was a difficult time -- I went through a hard breakup and was in an accident that wrote off my car and gave me major whiplash. It was a huge learning experience that culminated in me quitting my job and moving to Brisbane five months later.

My Travel Bucket List

  • Go to South America for long enough that I learn Spanish properly!
  • Walk the Inca Trail
  • Finish the Three Peaks Challenge
  • Hike/boat all 9 of NZ's 'Great Walks'
  • Go hot air ballooning
  • New Year's Eve on Sydney Harbour
  • Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • Go diving with whale sharks


I'm Kristin, a Texan born to an American father and English mother. I've been living in Australia since 2008. My first plane flight was when I was three weeks old and I've been hooked ever since. I never feel quite right unless I have a plane ticket (to anywhere, whether it's Sydney or Sweden) booked in my name!

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